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STAR Program


STAR Program



BVLCD is excited to announce enrollment for our 2023 STAR Plus program!

Participants will receive incentive funding for three years to implement soil health practices.

Fill out our form here to begin the process!

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BVLCD are two of 17 Colorado Conservation Districts implementing the STAR Plus Program.  The program is a free and voluntary tool to inspire producers and structure conversations around soil health. STAR is a practice-based rating system that assigns points for soil health practices. Producers receive a STAR rating from 1-5 stars to help them understand how well they are incorporating the five principles of soil health.

STAR field signs are located on participating fields around the districts. Local producers scored between 1 and 3 stars for their initial rating and they will look to improve their score over the next two years. Producers are incorporating cover crops, applying compost, returning annual cropland to perennial systems and implementing rotational grazing.